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Metelix Products Inc. is very proud of our long-term working partnerships with our industrial business partners. We understand our responsibility to manufacture top quality products and provide on time deliveries. Our industrial business partners depend on Metelix Products’ efficiencies and support.



Our design team is instrumental in assisting our industrial business partners with product development by identifying and designing functional improvements and aesthetic enhancements to their product. Our designers follow the project from concept to finished product, taking new ideas and bringing the products to life. The design team also specializes in reworking designs to create products with greater functionality, efficiency and scales of economy.


A clear benefit of working with Metelix is the “one-stop-shop” approach we create for our customers with its all-in solution. The entire team works on a project through all aspects from design to tooling to blow molding. Our team can cross over all aspects of the project, ensuring time frames and budgets are aligned. Metelix has a proven track record outlining the benefits of our “one-stop-shop” method.


For many customers, assembly can be a daunting factor. Metelix will provide assembly of component parts to finish goods, creating greater time and shipping efficiencies for a project. Metelix Products is accustomed to providing the option of assembly, which many of our customers choose.


Our quality team monitors its industrial products with the high standards of excellence and on time delivery required to maintain our good standing in the industry. Often our industrial customers request special packaging, which is accommodated within our “one-stop-shop” approach.


Metelix Products Inc. management team understands the urgency to provide on time delivery to our industrial customers. In many circumstances, products are made in advance of the actual shipping dates, requiring materials and machine scheduling for product that is inventoried in our warehouse, ensuring on-time delivery. 

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