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Metelix Products Inc. manufactures items that are used by the consumer. Our commercial products are designed, engineered and manufactured with the individual end user in mind. It is vital that our retail partners view Metelix Products Inc. as a source for best quality, affordable pricing and desirable products for their customers. We pride ourselves in continuing to provide end users with the “right merchandise”, at the “right prices”, at the “right time”.



Our designers enjoy creating well-designed products that work efficiently for each end user’s purpose. Whether it’s a rain barrel, umbrella base, watering can, kayak, etc., our team has fun concepting and building unique characteristics into Metelix made products. Metelix is known for its redesign capabilities, from better functioning parts to better aesthetic features, differentiating our products from the competition.


Our tooling department provides us with the ability to build any enhancements or characteristics we desire into our commercial products, creating a tremendous advantage in a highly competitive retailer marketplace. A unique advantage of having our own tooling facility allows control of our tooling destiny, especially when the expected delivery date is up against a seasonal timetable.


Many commercial products have an extensive amount of component parts often creating heavy transportation costs etc. We pride ourselves in managing the assembly of all component parts to ensure our retail partners receive wholly finished products, on time delivery, with the utmost of care. From kayaks to coolers, our assembly allows for significant cost savings to our customers, by eliminating the transportation of unfinished product to various locations for the finishing process.


An often-requested process is the packaging of finished merchandise in POP displays. Retail merchandising presentations require special care and we understand the importance of this aspect within the sales cycle. All finished products are thoroughly quality inspected, and ready for the distinct retail climate. We know customers are particular when purchasing and want well made, good looking products.


We understand the value of “on time deliveries”. Our retailers must have their inventory on display at specific times within each season. We are in the business of thinking and planning ahead, whether building and warehousing inventory, to shipping for on-time deliveries, Metelix is here to help create a successful implementation of product.

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