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Our designers, engineers and production personnel are experienced and accomplished in interior and exterior automobile parts. Winning awards for innovative new auto parts and for improving existing auto parts, this team of experts are ready to tackle any initiative.



Our professional in-house design team has multiple years of experience working with Cimtron, Solidworks and Catia utilizing Siemens NX Systems as its main platform. We provide customers with 2D drawings and a 3D CAD format, to ensure our customer sees and understands the product specs, prior to a prototype being made. Additionally, Metelix can provide rapid prototyping for a “touch and feel” experience prior to full production.

Metelix’s capabilities also include, tool designing, trim die construction and fixture building.


Customers find Metelix convenient and advantageous to work with because of our own automotive manufacturing tool shop. Metelix quotes on automobile parts with various enhancements to a part and then builds the tools to manufacture the design. We offer a variety of quotes for different numbers of tool cavities that are manageable on our machines, allowing our automobile customers to select their workable piece price. In some cases, where warranted, Metelix tool makers can adjust an existing tool rather than build a new one, ultimately saving our customers substantial investment dollars. Our “one stop shop” format encourages many automobile customers to partner with Metelix Products Inc.


The benefit of auto parts assembly on such products as running boards and spoilers are a key reason customers choose to work with Metelix.


Metelix produces a large array of automobile parts and maintains long standing relationships with many auto manufacturers. From under the hood reservoir bottles, air induction parts and HVAC ducts, etc., Metelix has developed a unique wheel well air deflector that enhances vehicle performance. Other parts such as seat backs, load floors, spoilers, running boards, grill supports, and gap hiders are all specialty products made by Metelix. For the truck industry, Metelix manufactures mono layered diesel fuel tanks and DEF tanks.


Metelix is familiar with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly delivery requests. Our logistics team understands the importance of on-time deliveries, sometimes using and controlling returnable containers. Logistics is key to large quantity orders, making Metelix a great choice with the ability to warehouse inventory, ensuring delivery cycles are met.

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